Does Cookiebot also provide a Privacy Policy?

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Cookiebot focuses on providing the best possible solution for the niche area of websites’ use of cookies and online tracking, including obtaining user consents. Therefore, we do not provide a Privacy Policy template or generator. Cookiebot does, however, provide useful information and input that can be used in a separate Cookie Policy (we call it our Cookie Declaration) and/or integrated into a Privacy Policy.

Specifically, you can make use of our Cookie Declaration template, which can easily be implemented on your website either as a separate menu point or as part of an existing Privacy Policy. You can see an example of this Cookie Declaration on our own website where it is a separate menu point: Very importantly, this also provides a place for your website users to change or withdraw their consents - as easily as they were given in the first place - as required under GDPR Article 7.3. The Cookie Declaration can easily be implemented on your website by following the last part of step 3 of our installation guide ( or alternatively by making use of our API (

The monthly scan report, which is part of the Cookiebot subscription, also provides useful information about all the cookies and online tracking technology in use on your website. This includes information about which countries user data is sent to (GDPR Article 45.1) and purpose descriptions in clear and plain language explaining to the website users how their data is being used (GDPR Recital 39).

For help in creating a compliant Privacy Policy, we recommend you to seek local counsel or make use of one of the existing products available for this on the market or via a trusted industry association or professional organisation.

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