My subscription has been changed from a free subscription to a 1-month trial (Premium). How do I get back on the free subscription?

Please note that this is no longer being updated. Kindly visit the new Cookiebot support area ( for updated guides, articles and FAQs. If you do not find the answer to your question there, you are welcome to post it in the Cookiebot community (

If your website contains more than 100 subpages, you will need a Premium subscription. The subscription price will be determined based on the number of subpages on your domain.

If your website now contains 100 subpages or less (and you only have 1 domain), it is possible to get back on the free subscription. Save all data you may need, cancel your account (, wait 5-10 minutes and then create a new account. Add your domain and implement the new scripts. This account (and the associated scripts) will be a free subscription for as long as your page count does not increase above the 100.
If you do this within the 1-month trial period, there will be no cost to you. Please note that unfortunately this is not something that we can do for you.

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