(Collection of FAQs): Can I ensure that my website users are only asked for consent the first time they visit one of my websites? (Bulk consent)

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If you operate multiple websites from different domains and/or your website operates from several sub-domains, Cookiebot can ask your website visitors for a consent that covers all your domains. We refer to this as a Bulk Consent.

By default, your users will be asked for their consent on each of your domains and sub domains since Cookiebot treats domains and sub domains separately. By enabling the Bulk Consent feature, however, your users will only be prompted for a consent the first time they visit any one of your websites (and again after 12 months when the consent needs to be renewed). Bulk consent is available in the premium subscription plan only.

Does the Bulk Consent work for all website users?

In order for the Bulk Consent to work properly, the following three conditions must be in place
1. The user allows third party cookies through his/her browser settings
2. The user has not activated “Do Not Track (DNT)” through his/her browser settings
3. The user accepts all cookies or as a minimum cookies of the type ‘preferences’ when the user gives his/her consent

Does the Bulk Consent result in any cookies being set?

If the above conditions are in place and you have activated Bulk Consent (see instructions below), a separate random, unique ID (key) will be stored with the user’s consent. This key will be stored in an encrypted form in the third party cookie “CookieConsentBulkTicket” in the user’s browser.

For more information on what cookies Cookiebot sets and what information we collect, please refer to our Privacy Policy: https://www.cookiebot.com/goto/privacy-policy

How do I activate Bulk Consent?

1. Log in to your account: https://manage.cookiebot.com/goto/manage

2. Go to ‘Settings’ from the top menu (DA: Indstillinger, DE: Einstellungen, IT: Impostazioni, FR: Paramètres, ES: Ajustes)

3. From the drop-down menu just below the top menu, choose the domain group (DA: domænegruppe, DE: Domaingruppe, IT: Gruppo di dominio, FR: Groupe de domains, ES: Grupo de dominio) for which you wish to enable the Bulk Consent.

4. Click the tab ‘Domains’ (DA: Domæner, DE: Domains, IT: Domini, FR: Domaines, ES: Dominios).

5. At the bottom, click the tick-box named ‘Enable bulk consent for all domains’ (DA: Aktiver massesamtykke for alle domæner, DE: Massenzustimmung für alle Domains aktivieren, IT: Abilita il consenso di massa per tutti i domini, FR: Active le consentement en bloc pour tous les domains, ES: Habilita un consentimiento en masa a todos los dominios)

Please note that the Bulk Consent will then be in place for all the domains and sub domains listed in that particular domain group but it will not affect any domains/sub domains you may have listed in other domain groups on your account.

6. Save your settings by clicking the tick mark on the left-hand side in the blue bar.

How do I ensure that the users understand that they are giving their consent for multiple websites?

If you have enabled Bulk Consent as described above, the following text will automatically be inserted into the cookie consent banner, which the user will see when he/she is asked for consent: Your consent applies to the following domains: [domain 1], [domain 2], [domain 3], etc.

This information is visible to the user in the cookie consent banner under ‘Show details’ in the tab ‘About Cookies’. You can see an example of this in Cookiebot’s own cookie consent banner when you visit https://www.cookiebot.com for the first time (or in a private browser window/incognito mode).

In addition, if you have used our standard template for the Cookie Declaration and added it either as a separate menu point on your website or embedded it into e.g. your existing privacy policy, the user will also be reminded of his/her current consent state and the fact that it is given for multiple domains. The text Your consent applies to the following domains: [domain 1], [domain 2], [domain 3], etc. automatically appears at the top of the cookie declaration. You can see an example of this on Cookiebot’s own Cookie Declaration: https://www.cookiebot.com/goto/cookie-declaration.

If Bulk Consent is activated, does this mean that the user will see ALL cookies in use – from across all my websites – in the cookie consent banner and the Cookie Declaration on each of the websites?

Yes, the identified cookies and trackers from all the domains and sub domains which the Bulk Consent is valid for will automatically be pooled together in the Cookie Declaration as well as in the cookie consent banner. 

Last updated: 29 April 2018.

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