Is the ‘Free subscription’ GDPR compliant? If yes, what is the difference between the free subscription and the premium subscription?

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There is no difference between the free subscription and the premium subscription when it comes to compliance. Both subscription types provide you with the tools and functionality necessary to make your website’s use of cookies and online tracking compliant with both the GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive (ePR) (will become a regulation).

The difference between the free and the premium subscription lies in
1) the restrictions on the free subscription: maximum one domain and maximum 100 subpages and
2) limited functionality (see below).

What does the premium subscription include that I don’t get with the free subscription?

With a premium subscription you have the following options and features that a free subscription does not offer:
  • Add your logo to the cookie consent banner: As one of the styling options, you can easily add your own logo to the cookie consent banner (drag-and-drop or upload a file) (no logo can be added to the free subscription).
  • Easily style the appearance of the cookie consent banner: Choose between 2 pre-defined color schemes or a custom color scheme. This allows you to easily adjust the colors of the cookie consent banner’s backgrounds, text, buttons, button texts and borders. You can choose a color you like from the color palette or enter a HEX code (standard color scheme available in the free subscription).
  • Cookie consent banner displayed in multiple languages (auto-detection of the user’s language): Allows you to have multiple language versions of the cookie consent banner. This gives you the option to show e.g. French website users the banner in French while showing it in English to all other visitors. Standard texts in 40+ languages are included and you may add content in any other language you prefer (multiple languages and auto-detection of language is not included in the free subscription).
  • Geo targeting: Allows you to display the cookie consent banner and ask for consent only from visitors from the EU and/or from visitors from specific individual countries (not included in the free subscription).
  • Build your own custom cookie consent banner: The ‘custom template’ allows you to build the cookie consent banner exactly the way you want it using your own logic and HTML, CSS and Javascript. Cookiebot provides HTML placeholders and naming conventions (custom template not available in the free version).
  • Customization of the Cookie Declaration: This allows you to change the look/styling as well as the different elements of the Cookie Declaration by using the Cookie Declaration ‘custom template’ (standard Cookie Declaration template available in the free version).
  • Internal domain alias: Lets you test Cookiebot on non-production domains (development, test and staging domains) as well as on local servers (not included in free subscription).
  • Multiple domains: You can add and handle all of your domains and subdomains from one joint account (free subscription is for one domain only).
  • Monthly scan report sent to multiple email recipients: You can add several recipients - for example relevant colleagues in your organization - who should receive the monthly scan reports by email. For each recipient, you can set what language they should receive the report in (English, Danish, German, French, Italian and Spanish available) (only the Cookiebot account owner will receive the scan report by email in the free subscription).
  • Consent statistics: Provides you with data about how many of your website users opt in to the different cookie categories and how many opt out. The data can be filtered for your different domains and for different time periods (not included in free subscription). Please note that the consent log (which is required under GDPR) is available in both the free and the premium subscription and is not related to the consent statics although the two can be found on the same page (‘User consents) when you are logged into your Cookiebot account.
Last updated: 29 April 2018.

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