Do you have an affiliate program I could use when promoting Cookiebot on my blog?

Please note that this is no longer being updated. Kindly visit the new Cookiebot support area ( for updated guides, articles and FAQs. If you do not find the answer to your question there, you are welcome to post it in the Cookiebot community (

Firstly, thank you for considering making a recommendation of Cookiebot to your readers and followers – we appreciate your help in spreading the word!

At the moment, we do not have an affiliate program in place. If you are interested in being notified if/when we launch an affiliate program, please send an email to

Cookiebot Reseller Program:

If you are interested in providing any help and support (‘first line technical support’) needed by the customers who sign up following your recommendation, you should consider our Cookiebot Reseller Program.

More information is available here:
And you can sign up to become a reseller here:

Last updated: 30 April 2018

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