Dialog not showing on my website

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If the consent dialog or cookie declaration is not showing on your website after you have implemented Cookiebot's script-code, it is most likely that you haven't authorized the domain name of your website in the Cookiebot Manager.

Follow these steps to authorize your domain:
  1. Under the "Domains"-section in the Cookiebot Manager, add the domain name of your website (e.g. "www.mywebsite.com") by clicking the plus-sign on the left of the table-title "Domain name" and enter the domain name.

  2. If multiple domain names are pointing at the exact same website (e.g. "www.mywebsite.com" and "mywebsite.com", which technically are two different domains), add one domain name as described above and the other as a "Domain alias" in the corresponding alias-table below the manager's "Domains"-section. Enter the domain alias and select the relevant domain name as "domain mapping". This enables the consent dialog and the cookie declaration to show on both domains while Cookiebot will only scan one domain name for cookies and thereby not incur costs on the domain alias.

  3. Click the save-icon (checkmark) on the top-left of the manager.


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