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  1. (Collection of FAQs): Can I ensure that my website users are only asked for consent the first time they visit one of my websites? (Bulk consent)

  2. (Collection of FAQs): How the Cookiebot scanner defines pages on a website

  3. According to Wordpress I have less than 100 pages on my website. Why does your scanner say that I have more than 100?

  4. Adobe Dynamic Tag Management deployment

  5. AdSense cookie consent

  6. AdWords Remarketing Tag cookie consent

  7. Article: Logging and demonstration of user consents

  8. Can I create an extra cookie category and use it for a subset of the marketing cookies – e.g. to allow the user to opt out of cookies from a particular provider?

  9. Can I rename the 4 cookie categories?

  10. Can you issue a Data Processing agreement for us (as per GDPR Article 28)?

  11. Controlling Google Analytics Universal with Cookiebot

  12. Cookies are not blocked

  13. Dialog not showing on my website

  14. Do you have an affiliate program I could use when promoting Cookiebot on my blog?

  15. Does Cookiebot also provide a Privacy Policy?

  16. Drupal installation

  17. Extending implied consent on click

  18. FAQ: Can I display the cookie consent banner to EU users only?

  19. FAQ: Should I insert both the scripts to the header of my website?

  20. Google Tag Manager deployment

  21. Hide and show content based on the visitor's consent

  22. How do I install Cookiebot on my Wordpress site?

  23. How to change or revoke a cookie consent

  24. Iframe cookie consent with YouTube example

  25. Is the ‘Free subscription’ GDPR compliant? If yes, what is the difference between the free subscription and the premium subscription?

  26. Joomla installation

  27. Make CMS control language

  28. MonsterInsights Analytics Wordpress Plugin

  29. My subscription has been changed from a free subscription to a 1-month trial (Premium). How do I get back on the free subscription?

  30. Prestashop installation

  31. Setting the language of the consent dialog

  32. Where can I access the consent log for documentation of user consents?

  33. Why does your scanner say that my website has more than 100 pages?

  34. WordPress installation

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